A recent invention known as the Copenhagen Wheel may make it easier to bike to work. It converts a normal bicycle into an electric hybrid and enables commuters to bike places they would have otherwise had to take a car.  The cyclist can even control the level of assistance received from the bike using their smartphone, enabling the rider to effectively customize her workout or commute to her specific needs and preferences. Riders can even track information about the ride, such as distance travelled and calories burned, on their smartphones.

The regenerative breaking system of the Copenhagen Wheel stores energy generated from breaking or riding downhill, which it uses to give the rider a boost on steep hills. The wheel is also equipped with a setting to capture extra energy the cyclist exerts from peddling to recharge the battery.

Innovations like the Copenhagen Wheel can encourage people to use alternate forms of transportation,  lessen traffic, and reduce pollution and fossil fuel consumption. All while helping people integrate exercise into their daily lives.  Will the Copenhagen Wheel create an urban revolution as its inventors claim? Hard to tell, but it certainly promises to make healthier living and your morning commute more fun.


Author: Claire Bailey