Health care expert and author Dr. Jim Bailey is leading Healthy City Town Halls across the country to encourage people to join the movement to reclaim health care that heals.

With all the recent debate about health reform, Americans are eager to discover the path to reclaiming their broken healthcare system and a brighter future for America in the process. These Healthy City Town Halls offer everyday people a way to understand the real forces driving American medicine and show them how to demand and get health care that truly heals for themselves, their families, and their neighbors.The Town Halls are being held in community centers, libraries, churches, universities, and bookstores. We are getting people talking about how we can demand and get health care that truly heals for our communities, our families, and ourselves at a price we all can afford.

At each Healthy City Town Hall Dr. Jim Bailey moderates a discussion with local expert panelists who present their perspectives about what is really happening in health reform. Panelists discuss the main ways Americans can demand and get health care that truly heals. Each panelist typically speaks for 5-10 minutes and then Dr. Bailey moderates a question and answer period and panel discussion.

Join the Movement to Reclaim Health Care That Heals

Contact Dr. Jim Bailey to lead a Healthy City Town Hall in your community.

Author: bethgsanders